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Dragon Ball Legends Android Mod Free

Dragon Ball Legends Android

Dragon Ball Legends an Android and Apple I-Phone game free of cost. You can get from your Android Play Store or Apple i-tunes store. But I am going to give you only the Play Store.

Dragon Ball Legends Android Game Free:

Do you remember your child cartoon show named Dragon Ball Z. This game has been created from the inspiration of this show. You will get almost all the character of cartoon show in this game.

You could play globally this game and fight 1 in 1 action against rival players. But you have to pay attention of those role before this game. Those are:

  • This is a Online Game, so you must have to be a internet connection to play it.
  • Another thing is it is a Card Battle game, those which many of people didn’t like to play.
  • You have to Purchase most of the time to progress quickly but if you have enough skill you don’t have to do it.

Now see some Picture of  Dragon Ball Legends:

Dragon Ball Legends Android
Fight with global friends
You have to fight with the strongest villein 
This game is only English and Japanese Voiced

Fight like a Pro Player

Let’s See YouTube Game Play:

Let’s See some features of this game:

  • It’s ease to control the character,
  • You can Unleash the fierce combos and explosive special moves with the touch of fingers,
  • You can play Real time battle across the world,
  • You can power up the character and crush the components,
  • Play as the all new character designed by Akira Toriyama,
You must have to this game from Play Store to be sure that does this game support on your Android or not. And one last thing is that currently this game has no mod version so you can’t get it. Don’t waste your time by searching the mod version. If there is mod I will update the link.
Now Click here to from Play Store Dragon Ball Legends
Or you may it from here