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Su Mon Smash: Star Coliseum Full v1.0.1 APK [19459million]

Su Mon Smash: Star Coliseum
In the future organized bloodsports are Fought between genetically engineered bio-manufactured Aniforms that are neurally manipulated by highly skilled jockeys. The sport is called Su Mon Smash. In Star Coliseum players can join the competition online via mobile devices! Su Mon Smash: Star Coliseum is a unique fighting game roomates offers real-time asynchronous competition by using AI-controlled avatars with dynamic online stats of other players. Blurs the line between mobile and console with high quality 3D graphics plus full support for both gamepads and touchscreens.


  • Asynchronous PVP gameplay
  • Persistent upgradable characters
  • High quality 3D characters and animation
  • 8 Kaiju fighters at launch, 20+ total coming!
  • gamepad and touchscreen optimized
  • Launching with live action web series

This is an asynchronous, asymmetric, online fighting games the which combines real-time 3D action RPG with strategic elements. Players fight asynchronously against other players in real-time by using AI controlled opponents with dynamic line of player’s stats.

The game includes stunning 3D graphics, animations, and effects. Players and equip research combos, special attacks, special defenses, and genetic upgrades to improve performance Reviews their fighting. Optimized for gamepad devices, Including OUYA, Nibiru, NVIDIA Shield

What’s in this version: (Updated: June 3, 2015)

  • Minor revisions for enhanced performance and device compatibility.
Required Android O / S: 4.0.3+


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