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Art Of Fighting 2 Rom Neo Geo Game for Android and PC

Art Of Fighting 2 Rom Neo Geo Game

Art of Fighting 2 is a neo geo ROM Action fighting game which can be played through MAME emulator in Android and PC and I am giving you active link free.

Art Of Fighting 2 Rom Neo Geo Game for Android and PC

There are ton’s of Action Fighting game and this is one of the best game of this series among them. Here you will get the most popular heroes from the previous version in this game.

All the name of game of this Series –
  • Art Of Fighting,
  • Art Of Fighting 2 and
  • Art Of Fighting 3.
You can play this game multiplayer with your friend through GamePad. It will be enjoyable to play the game and defeat your friend if you have learned all the movement of the player.

The idea of this game has come from The King Of Fighter game which is the best Neo Geo game till now. And some character has come from this fighting game.

Fight with your favorite player

Learn before fighting

Instruction to play Art Of Fighting 2 Rom Neo Geo in PC/ Computer

  • To Play Art of Fighting 2 Game, you first have to the Emulator Software
  • Here you the Emulator for PC NeoRAGEx5.0
  • Extract it and you will get some files and folder,
  • Then the game ROM of Art of Fighting 2
  • After copy ( Art of Fighting 2 ) to the ROM directory, you got from the first rar file,
  • Then click on NeoRAGEx5.0.exe
  • Then Setup Control to use the movement and superpower.
  • Click on Import and locate where the file is, if you have perfectly kept the file then it will be shown as a white-gray color.
  • Now click on the game and Launch Art of Fighting 2 in your Computer and enjoy.

Art Of Fighting 2 for Android

It is a Good Neo Geo game

Instruction -1 to Play Art Of Fighting 2 Rom Neo Geo in Android

  • At First Emulator Mame4droid for Android
  • Then install and open Mame4droid,
  • Then a pop-up message will display click ok then minimize it by pressing the home button,
  • Then Art of Fighting 2 ROM 12MB Note: If you have ed it for Computer you don’t have to it again.
  • And also 53KB
  • Then open the file manager, you can use ES File Explorer Pro
  • Copy and,
  • Paste it to ROMs/MAME4all/roms here,
  • ( See this Post if you Can’t Understand where to Paste the file How to Games and play to Android Mobile and Smartphone through MAME4droid Software ),
  • Then open Mame4all, select Art of Fighting 2 and press A button to Launch.

Instruction -2 to Play Art Of Fighting 2 Rom Neo Geo in Android

  • At first free Neo Geo Emulator software neo.emu.apk,
  • Then install the software neo.emu in your Android, 
  • Then free the game Art of Fighting 2 ROM file
  • Also, the bios file of this game 132 Note: This is not the same bios which i shared on instruction 1.
  • After ing the ( Art of Fighting 2 ) and  ( the bios file ) keep this two file in one folder,
  • Then go to Menu and open neo.emu software,
  • Here you have to click load more=>>then find the folder you kept and
  • Then click and  The game will load,
  • Then press start to get a coin to play and again press start to play the game,

In this game, you are able to use the cheat. To enter the cheat menu you have to press Select and Start at the same time, If you are unable to enter the cheat menu the continually press Select and Start with your finger. If you have entered the cheat menu you will see four option.

  • The Cheat Database,
  • Debug Dip Setting,
  • Patch Memory,
  • Soft Reboot System,

We have only entered The Cheat Database, Use A for OK / Enter the cheat Database, Use A to mark the Cheat ( If you mark any cheat it will show as a cross ). You will get the following things to play the mod.

  • Infinite Time,
  • 1UP Play as Geese,
  • 1UP Infinite Energy,
  • 1UP Infinite Chi,
  • 1UP Always Minimum Chi,
  • 1UP Can Use Special Arts,
  • 1UP No Hit Stop,
  • 1UP Action Speed UP,
  • 2UP Play as Geese,
  • 2UP Infinite Energy,
  • 2UP Infinite Chi,
  • 2UP Always Minimum Chi,
  • 2UP Can Use Special Arts,
  • 2UP No Hit Stop,
  • 2UP Action Speed UP,
  • Player 1 AES Infinite Credits,
  • Player 2 AES Infinite Credits,
You can use the B button to reset the cheat, After selecting the cheat Press C for Exit the cheat Database, Now Enjoy Art of Fighting 2 in your Android with the cheat without apk file.
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